Managing Embedded Networks

BlueBilling is a system designed specifically for the management of embedded networks. It understands the particulars of every element that comprises residential, commercial, industrial and shopping centre networks.

Single Billing System

BlueBilling offers a single system for billing and managing small, medium and large customers within embedded networks. Services range from small customers at bundled rates to large customers with complex demand based, unbundled tariffs.


BlueBilling also is a fully integrated CRM that allows detailed and traceable management of customers, as well as the participant involved in the establishment, supply and operation of embedded networks.

Accounts Receivable

In an effort to automate the labour intensive aspects of the account receivable management process, BlueBilling provides an integrated, configurable workflow engine. This also encapsulates the debt collection process.

Infrastructure Management

BlueBilling understands that the management of embedded networks extends beyond the billing of customers. It also encompasses infrastructure management, "leakage" detection and a multitude of other elements.

Cloud Solutions

BlueBilling is developed using the latest web technologies to deliver a scalable and reliable cloud based solution.

Why BlueOak

We deliver innovative solutions to the utility industry

BlueOak's success is attributed to its ability to design, build and support the software solutions which ensure its clients can respond and adapt swiftly to market and legislative demands.

The company's ability to deliver the right solution is attributed to its staff's extensive experience at strategic utility software systems design, development and hands-on day-to-day operation.

The company's creative approach to the development and delivery of solutions accelerates the capabilities of BlueOak's clients beyond that of their competitors.